6mm Lens White Light Zoom Camera
6mm Lens White Light Zoom Camera

6mm Lens White Light Zoom Camera

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White Led Implement Camera

Allows you to see colour in the dark!


6mm Lens White Light Regualr Camera

This is great for deep tanks.  The outdoor nighttime viewing distance is 10m (30').  It has the most realistic field of view out of all three wired wight light LED camers.


Features & Specifications:

Optical: 1/3” CCD

TV lines: 650

Waterproof Factor: IP67

Case and Visor Material: Aluminum

Temperature Allowance: -25˚C/+65˚C

Lens Size: 6 mm

Prices: $160.00


Offers superb color image in all lighting conditions!

Ideal for air seeder tank compartments

All cameras and cables are compatible with Cab Cam.

Ag Cam adapters also available.



Farmers are always looking for a better way of doing things and with better technology comes improved profits. Allen Leigh Security & Communications of Brandon Manitoba has come out with the first innovative Implement camera that allows farmers to see color in a completely dark environment such as in an air-seeder tank. "White LED Camera Technology" was only a wish before and the future is now here!

1. Eliminates the annoying and restrictive reflection issues common with IR night vision cameras.

2. Gives the operator a much clearer picture; this improved visibility allows for better decision making.

3. You can now clearly see the tanks' grain and fertilizer levels, as well as flow patterns.

4. Knowing that there are no complications with seeding or harvesting operations reduce waste and down time, all the while making the life of the farmer safer and less stressful.

Allen Leigh Security & Communications has numerous camera products which assist the farmer and operator in their work. These products make farming easier, safer and help improve profitability. The operator can also view the process over stationary monitors or on a smart phone.

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