Alarm Systems

We at Allen Leigh Security & Communications are here for you, we assess your needs and requirements for your security from threats of burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, flooding and any other condition you may want to have monitored for your home or business. We use only proven alarm equipment by the leaders in the field of security industry, this is why we are also a member of CANASA.

Our monitoring service is 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year by a ULC listed station in Canada to make sure your alarm gets through. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  We are not familiar with alarm systems and do not know where to begin?

A.-The first place to start is to give us a call at 204-728-8878, we will setup an appointment and do a free onsite evaluation of your requirements at your home or business, with no obligation to buy. We will discuss your options to see what fits you and your family the best.


Q.  We have an older home and we do not want to jeopardize the finish of the wall and mouldings.

A.-That is no problem as we can use a high secure Wireless system that will not require us to run wires throughout your home and it is just as secure as the hardwired system.


Q.  We have a new home and we did not have it pre-wired for an alarm system, but we would like the security of the system.

A.-That is no problem as we use a high secure Wireless system that will not require us to drill any holes into your vapour barrier, and this protects your home's integrity.   


Q.  Who installs the alarm system?

A.-Our trained Installer/Technician will do a walk through of your home with you and make sure all your security needs are met. We then do the installation of either a wired or wireless system, and have you approve it, to be sure you are 100% satisfied with our workmanship. The installer will also show you how the system works and will set up the system with the correct codes and get you comfortable with the system.


Q.  We live in an apartment and our land lord does  not want us to have any new wires run through the apartment?

A.-Just like our older home owners, we would use a wireless system so we do not have to run any wires through the walls and everyone is happy.


Q.  We are on the move a lot do to my husbands carrier, but we want to have the protection of your alarm system.

A.-Just like our apartment owner you can go with a wireless system so when you move you can take it with you, we can help you set it up at your new location.


Q.  I would like to monitor my cottage but I do not have a phone at the location but we do have mobile phone service, are we able to have our alarm monitored through this service?

A.-Yes you can we supply the wireless equipment and the wireless service account for you so you have nothing to worry about and you are protected year round.



Q.  I have heard that if I have an alarm system I will be entitled to a Discount?

A.-That all depends on your insurance company and generally you could see a discount of 10 to 15%. With discounts like that it will cover the cost to operate the system and you will get the benefits of the alarm system.


Q.  Do I need to sign a contract?

A.-Yes, but we are flexible and offer large discounts for signing a longer contract or we can work on an annual or monthly contract if that is what works best for you. You must also sign an agreement and terms of service as well.

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