What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Farm Yard Security Systems

Farm yards vary in size and layout.  For this reason Precision Cam helps you custom design a suitable system for your security needs.  The following guide is designed to help with udnerstanding what you need for your desired security system.


Every Camera System Needs an NVR

   Precision Cam's NVR have alarm inputs to enable the use of vehicle detector and motion sensor alarms to send images to your phone and allow you to search the more relevant alarms instead of all motion recordings.  If your system has more than 8 camera's, a 16 channel NVR is available upon request.


You Will Need a Camera for Each Area You Want to Monitor

   What is the distance from each camera to the area it monitors?  This will determine the types of cameras and lens sizes required.


Your System can be Wired or Wireless

   Wired systems require running a cable up to 300' from your NVR location to a camera, but you don't need a PoE/power box.  Wireless Systems can be setup 3 km from the house within line of sight (1 km with some tree's), they require a PoE/power box, a WiFi bridge, up to a 300' cable from the camera to a PoE/power box, and up to a 300' cable from the PoE/power box to a WiFi bridge.


For Wireless Systems

   Please use the diagram on p. 23 to determine the type of PoE/power box you will require.


What Length of Cable Will You Need

   To run from each camera to each power box, and from the power box to the WiFi bridge (cables run up to 300')?  It's best to have the camera side WiFi bridge in line of sight with the receiving WiFi bridge located at your house (signal can reach 3 km in line of sight or 1 km with tree's).


One WiFi Bridge Needs to be Located OUTSIDE your House

   To receive the signal from the WiFi bridges connected to your cameras.  A cable runs from this outdoor WiFi bridge to your internet router inside your house.  What length of cable will you need?


The NVR Connects to the Internet Router

   As well.  What length of cable will you need to run between the NVR and your internet router?


How Many Free Ports are Available on Your Internet Router?

   This will determine if you need an additional internet switch.


View Camera Feed from your Smartphone!

   You will need high speed internet (around 300-512 kbps) at your house and your internet provider must allow for port forwarding and remote access.


Vehicle Detection and Motion Sensors

   Are available to trigger individual cameras to start recording when the motion of vehicle or person is detected.  An email alert will be sent to your phone when the device is triggered.  Precision Cam sells Dakota Alert products that can transmit these signals up to 25000' if in line with the reciever.


More Light Makes a Difference!

   All Precision Cam cameras have IR LEDs for viewing in the dark, but you will receive a better image if there is light in the area being monitored.

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