Troubleshooting Quick Guide for Implements

Issue Possible Cause Fix
Monitor will not turn on Inadequate power, poor wiring install Check power source & wiring harness. Ensure voltage is 12volts DC, check that fuse is not blown
Monitor Flickers or Flashes on & off Monitor is in the incorrect video mode In the menu settings open the video option & ensure it is set to NTSC and not PAL
Camera not showing up or turning on Improper connection, bad wiring, camera failure Check all wiring, visually inspect all cables and ends, cameras can be connected directly to the monitor to ensure the camera is functioning properly
Camera loses picture at night or low light Infrared LED array may be damaged or failed Check the voltage supply to ensure that it is at 12 volts, tractor is started, check camera in low light to ensure that IRs turn on
Degradation of camera picture quality Dirty camera lens, loose wiring connection, interference (wireless systems) Visually inspect & clean camera, ensure that all connections are proper
Strange lines/ digital artifacts on monitor Loose wiring harness, monitor beginning to fail or monitor is in the incorrect video mode Check power source & wiring harness, in the menu open the video option and ensure that it is set to NTSC not PAL
Unable to switch between connected cameras Connection may have come loose during vehicle operation Ensure all cables are properly connected to each camera
Monitor is difficult to see or doesn’t illuminate Back-light may need to be replaced Send the monitor in for maintenance by our technicians
Poor video quality Interference from other electronics, low signal strength Turn off all 2.4ghz electronics in area, consider looking into purchasing an antenna
This is only a quick reference guide and may not cover all things that may arise from running your equipment If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call our toll free number 1-866-289-8164 or 204-728-8878 between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm CST Monday to Friday
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