I just received my Wireless 27X PTZ camera and accessories last week and installed the unit over our calving area this last weekend. The instructions were easy to follow and it worked as soon as everything was plugged in. I am very impressed with the picture quality and the distance one can see with the unit on full zoom. Our calving area is about 300 meters from the house and with a bit of fine tuning of the antennas we get a great picture.

George Giersch - British Columbia

We have had a PTZ cow cam for 3 calving seasons now and can't imagine life with out it. We waited years for a high quality WIRELESS Weatherproof PTZ Camera to become available and now it is here at a reasonable price. The picture quality is amazing and stays clear even when zooming in great distances. This system has saved so much time checking cows and so many footsteps that we will never be without one again. We operate with 2 receivers, 1 in the house and 1 in the barn. This way it doesn't matter if you are in for lunch or doing barn chores, checking cows only takes seconds and you don't disturb the pen. Having your alarm go off fro the 2am check and being back in bed at 2:05am is priceless. The extra sleep makes calving season more enjoyable and keeps everyone in a better mood. I would highly recommend a cow cam for anybody that wants to increase the productivity of their farm.

Calvin Reykdal - Manitoba

I am absolutely blown away at what I can see. The night vision you have on the website doesn’t do justice to what you can see if you have a few yard lights at night. It’s better than day time. I’m seeing things you don’t see with the naked’s like the sun shines around here 24-7. It takes me 2 minutes to surveillance with the cameras compared to at least a half hour of getting dressed and walking around. And the sweet part of it is...unless there a reason to go out, you get to stay in and do other things like relax.

I’m so happy with the new’s a huge change around here. The barn viewing is exceptional now because I have a better view, more control, and no hidden corners.

Reed and Gay Crapo - Alberta

We put cameras in our cow barn last January so we could monitor our cattle more closely during calving. It enabled us to closely observe the cows due to calve without disturbing them on coming in too early or worse – too late! It has saved us many trips to the barn and it’s a lot easier to get back to sleep if you don’t have to go out in the cold. It has also helped us catch an unexpected twin being born backwards, that we would probably have lost. It just makes calving season much easier and a lot less stressful. We would strongly recommend the system to anyone interested.

Sharon & Gary Olmstead - Manitoba

These livestock monitoring systems are just like your cell phone, once you use it, you will not be without one again.

87 Calves - No Losses – all calved outside then brought in warm barn to dry off

As long as I have cattle there will be a livestock monitoring system on the farm

Randy - Manitoba

I’m really impressed with the picture quality of the camera. The colors come out very true even during bad weather. The sound is equally impressive, what I thought was bad static is actually barn fans. I can even hear the electric fencer click the sparrows I can’t get out of the barn. It easily picks up cows bawling and calves bellowing for milk. The most impressive feature is the night vision. In my barn I can’t see my hand when the lights are off but we can easily see the cattle under low light to no light. Once I found a permanent location for the antenna, it only took a couple of hours to finish the complete installation. I’m very confident the camera will save me steps, animals and a lot of sleep.

Alain Philipput - Manitoba

We were one of the first users of the Allen Leigh livestock monitoring system. Since then we have upgraded with extra cameras and pan scanners. Our latest purchase is the new style receiver and 6db high gain indoor antenna. In over 10 years our only down time has been a camera power supply cord that from the pan scanner rubbed and wore through on the barn exterior wall. This was caused by my improper routing of the cord, not the product.

Thank you for your excellent products, and support!

Scott Johnston - Manitoba

We got the cameras last year and we think they are a great benefit. The frequency of going outside is greatly reduced, and the fact that the cows are not disturbed as often is a bonus. We would recommend them to anyone who likes to keep a close eye on their animals, especially during the cold weather.

Patterson Holdings - Manitoba

Bought my first two cameras in 2006 and a third camera in 2007. They work very well and have already paid for themselves with the calves I have saved. The service from Allen Leigh has been friendly and top notch. Thank you!

Terry Belsheim - Alberta

We have used the wireless livestock monitoring system for several years now. The system has been very reliable, with very little down time. This system can virtually eliminate all of those cold dark cow checks when nothing is happening.

We are extremely pleased with your products and would recommend them to anyone. This is the second calving season for the cameras and have had no problems whatsoever with them.

Vern Nelson - Manitoba

I would thank you a lot, this implement camera is the most wonderful thing in my tractor. I just can’t wait to go out seeding again!

Amos Wipf - Manitoba

I am covering an out side pen that is 75 feet wide and 200 feet long. The camera is mounted 12 feet up, after about 25 feet from the camera I can see the whole pen. I have real good lighting and that makes a big difference. I am 120% happy with this setup and any prospects can give me a call to see how it is working and to ask questions.

Ernest Guderyan - Saskatchewan

Last spring, prior to the onset of foaling, we purchased a wireless video monitoring system from Allen Leigh.

Over a year ago we had a cabled system, requiring hundreds of feet of cable to reach from the barn to the house. It served the purpose of providing 24 hour, undisturbed surveillance of our mares, but was inconvenient.

The barn on our new place is approximately 450 feet from the house, with a relatively dense tree belt between the two structures. This made it difficult and expensive to use the cabled system. We installed our new wireless system from Allen Leigh in about one hour and had a clear, wide angle view of the foaling stall. The unit has been trouble free and is, without a doubt, the most economical video monitoring system I was able to find.

I would strongly recommend this system to anyone with livestock. It seems to be quite maintenance free, other than cleaning the camera lense and has provided us with immense peace of mind. It really takes the hassle out of wee hour calving and foaling checks. Just crawl out of bed and into your kitchen or living room and check the herd. Once you go to this system, you’ll never want to be without one!

Karen Sinclair - Saskatchewan

I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your quick and efficient effort. There should be more people in business like you. We have installed the second camera and it is running smoothly. We have it in the rafters over our covered front corral. I can sit in my easy chair and watch my cows go into labor, I then get up and put them in the barn and switch to the other camera and watch them calve. I tell everybody I know that they should have this system.

Susan Brace - Alberta

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