Farm Yard Security

Preventing Crime in Your Rural Farm Yard


Some criminals seek rural areas: 

   for their remoteness, not being detected while the owners are away. Without neighbors being close by, criminals find rural farm yards to be easier to burglarize or commit other crimes. Many homes and shops are away from the country road. Many times houses and the shops are left unlocked while owners are working in other areas of the farm or gone for the day.


Criminals know that rural people: 

   are friendlier and more apt to let the criminal come into their yard to use the telephone on the pretext that the criminal’s vehicle is broken down or need some kind of assistance. They may pretend to be looking for someone who lives near the area.


Do not be a victime of farm yard invasion: 

   Talk to strangers at a distance or through your door or window. Do not let them into your home. Criminals usually know that the rural home will have the ordinary contents such as TV, VCR, DVD, stereo, jewellery, microwave, medication but will also have more antiques, guns and other valuables. One tactic of criminals and drug users is to ask to use your restroom where they look for medication, particularly pain pills or other items of value.




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