Wireless Video

Our Wireless Camera System is virtually the same as our CowCam System, but you can use any type of camera you want (BNC connector is common for analog cameras). Simply connect the camera BNC connector to the system, or connect it to a video switcher (changes between different cameras automatically) or to a quad display unit (displays all four camera feeds at once on your display). 

You can use this to monitor your fuel tanks, workshop, a remote building, or just about anywhere you need to keep an eye on personnel for safety or access control. Wireless video is also an excellent solution when you already have a cabled system and the existing cable is broken in the ground or somewhere difficult to access.

Adding a  DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to the system allows for archiving of video footage to a hard disk to be played back or reviewed at a later time and has the features of both the auto switcher and quad unit built in. The DVR can also be placed on your home network to provide access to camera feeds remotely via a Windows PC or Smartphone.

We carry both quad units and auto switchers, and have a variety of different cameras and DVR's to choose from no matter the size of your operation. For more information on our Wireless Video System or any other products, please feel free to contact Allen Leigh Security & Communications toll free at 1-866-289-8164, or by email at

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